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    Modified Shutter Laths

    Shutters are generally made of a curtain, which can also be referred to as a lath. The curtain is the main feature of a roller shutter accompanied by the wind locks, the box, among other components.

    Furthermore, a roller shutter is made of slats, which are assembled horizontally. ADV avails a number of slat options which include;

    • PVC slats
    • 39 mm aluminium slats- Filled with polyurethane foam
    • 43 mm aluminium slats- Filled with polyurethane foam

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    These Slats Are Affordable, Durable, And Have A Wide Application

    Commercial Roller Shutter Curtains
    The age of technology and expertise has paved a way for a variety of roller shutter trends that we would love to detail below. These roller shutter curtains are significant in the commercial applications, domestic applications, and in the industrial units.Here are some of the modified shutter curtains to try out!

    Punched Hole Curtains
    A number of retail shops, that generally deal in leading brands are pioneering the punched hole curtain style. This curtain is an excellent approach to maximizing security and at the same time allow the by-passer to have a glance at what is on the inside.

    This type of Roller shutter curtains in London is generally excellent for several outlets such as boutiques, car garages, among others. They are installed with a variety of security measures.

    Grille Curtains
    These are a sophisticated, elegant, and a captivating type of roller shutter curtain, commonly made of either metal bars and aluminium connectors. They also come with covers and sidelocks which all form a rolling grille when combined.

    Insulated Curtains
    Insulated window shutters are an ultra-modern type of window shutters that we avail in different sizes and shapes. They are easy to operate and fitted to withstand all weather conditions.

    Solid Curtains
    Solid roller shutters are an excellent solution for industrial units. These come with a galvanized material and can be made with any type of finishing.

    Additional Services By ADV

    We also provide commercial roller shutters repair in London at an affordable cost and whenever contacted. Our commercial roller shutters can be controlled or operated by;

    • 1. Key Pads
    • 2. Remote Controls
    • 3. Rocker Switch
    • 4. Fingerprint Recognition
    • 5. Motors
    • 6. Electrically


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