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    Scissor/Security Gates

    Scissor gates are recognized and popular due to their own style and even due to their style they are also known as security gates. These security gates are considered an ideal solution for the businesses in which high security is the prime concern. We provide personalized designs for scissor gates in London that meet the customers’ requirements and desires.
    Our high-quality security gates in London offer the following advantages to customers

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    A Description of ADV’s Industrial Roller Shutters

    Industrial roller shutters are generally categorized into High usage and Low usage roller shutters. Installation suggestions are made after evaluating the number of times the door will be opened or closed on a daily basis, the application, intentions, and factory location.

    ADV avails several industrial roller shutter types with robust designs which are certainly durable. These shutters have a wide application such as;

    • 1. Warehouses
    • 2. Car Garages
    • 3. Factories
    • 4. Farm-buildings
    • 5. Hosieries
    • 6. Loading Bays

    The industrial roller shutter’s curtain can be made with an individual lath, and this can be replaced in the case damaged. Advanced operational features can also be installed as specified by the client. Similarly, an optional wicket gate for pedestrian access can be installed.

    Generally, ADV’s robust industrial roller shutters are certainly economical with uncompromisable durability.

    High security

    Our best quality scissor gates are used for the security of the interior and exterior of the property. These gates are locked with the standard padlock to provide the high level of security so that burglars or the thieves cannot get inside the building.

    Customized design and style

    The security gates are popular due to their different style. Their royal black look makes them fit for all kinds of shopfronts and other commercial properties. On the specific demand of the customer, we also offer the gate powder coated with the desired color and even custom designs are provided according to the needs and preferences of the customer.


    Along with providing security to the shopfronts, our robust gates prevent the unauthorized access of any uninvited person as these gates can be used to close off the specific area of the property so that individuals cannot access in the area without any permission or approval.

    How Do Scissor/ Security Gates Operate?

    As the name suggests these gates operate in a scissor-like action to be re-attachable and expand. Like the scissor, these gates are mounted and hinged on the side so that lowest visibility can be achieved. Thus, no one can enter into the premises without permission and even can see inside the gates so these doors are the perfect solution if you are seeking for high security of your business.


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