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    ADV’s Majestic Roller Shutters

    We install a wide range of majestic roller shutters of a higher steel and aluminium quality. We can customize them to fit any application you want. We also avail them in a variety of finishes to display a bespoke style and uniqueness.

    ADV’s majestic roller shutters operate in a number of ways- manually, electrically, gear, chain, and electrically. We are leaders in Majestic Roller Shutters Installation in London to excellently suit any commercial, industrial, and domestic application.

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    Characteristics of Our Majestic Roller Shutters

    Here are some of the basic features that our majestic roller shutters comprise of;

    • Interlocking and access control linked features
    • A comprehensive range of grille and slat types
    • Available in steel and aluminium
    • Operated in a number of ways
    • Galvanized, anodized, or powder coated
    • Our majestic shutters meet British standards BS822 and Australian standards AS1902.5
    • High-quality wicket gates, removable mullions, or extra wide guides
    • Doors up to 10 meters wide
    • Perforated and ‘window’ slat punch-outs
    • Fusible links
    • Electric locking options

    Product Range

    Majestic roller shutters are available in a variety of slats and grilles in aluminium and steel. The categories include;

    • Solid majestic roller shutters
    • Perforated majestic roller shutters
    • Insulated majestic roller shutter
    • Punched Single Skinned Aluminium majestic roller shutters
    • Perforated Single Skinned Aluminium majestic roller shutters
    • Extruded Aluminium majestic roller shutters
    • Eurolook majestic roller shutters

    Why Opt For ADV’s Majestic Roller Shutters

    Majestic roller shutters are excellent options, whether you want to secure a new structural building or an old one. The shutters are also installed depending on the location of your building and your goals

    Guaranteed Protection
    Our majestic roller shutters offer an excellent external barrier to unauthorized personnel, harsh weather, sound, and storms.

    Easy Operation
    You will enjoy a wide range of operational approaches that come with our majestic roller shutters. Switches, gears, remote control and automatic operation are possible operational approaches

    Minimal Maintenance
    Our majestic roller shutters are designed with a robust material that is resistant to corrosion, rusting, and damage. In the case of damage, our team is available for Majestic Roller Shutter repair in London whenever required.


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