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    Fire Rated Rolling Shutters

    We offer the best quality fire rated rolling shutters that have the capability to protect your wall openings from the fire. These doors have auto detectors so after detection of fire, the doors get closed automatically however these remain open in the normal circumstances. Thus these shutters are installed to prevent the spread of fire in the neighboring areas.
    These shutters consist of fusible integrated links that get melt at 74 degree Celsius so the shutters get triggered with this and close down automatically.

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    A Description of ADV’s Industrial Roller Shutters

    Industrial roller shutters are generally categorized into High usage and Low usage roller shutters. Installation suggestions are made after evaluating the number of times the door will be opened or closed on a daily basis, the application, intentions, and factory location.

    ADV avails several industrial roller shutter types with robust designs which are certainly durable. These shutters have a wide application such as;

    • 1. Warehouses
    • 2. Car Garages
    • 3. Factories
    • 4. Farm-buildings
    • 5. Hosieries
    • 6. Loading Bays

    The industrial roller shutter’s curtain can be made with an individual lath, and this can be replaced in the case damaged. Advanced operational features can also be installed as specified by the client. Similarly, an optional wicket gate for pedestrian access can be installed.

    Generally, ADV’s robust industrial roller shutters are certainly economical with uncompromisable durability.

    Importance Of Fire Rated Shutters

    As it is known fact that one spark can set the whole forest in the fire so it is quite important to remain careful regarding the fire incidents so installation of fire protection system is mandatory for the business or shop. Fire can easily swap everything so fire detection systems, fire protection systems become the fundamental necessity for the businessmen or shopkeepers.

    There can be different measurements that can be taken to get escape from the damage of fire but fire rated shutters can help you a lot at the time of the fire as there auto-detection capability to detect fire lead them to get close so they prevent the spreading of fire all around.

    We deal in manufacturing, installation, and repair of all types of shutters but fire rated shutters are our specialty. We manufacture shutters by keeping their functionality in mind so we use high grade galvanized steel that is planned inconsistency with worldwide quality standards. We also provide doorstep service for Fire Rated Shutters repair in London so that customers can remain protected from fire due to well manufactured, installed and maintained fire rated roller shutter.

    Our highly efficient fire rated shutters are fitted with safety brakes and with the drive ratio control having interface panels so that shutter can get closed when fire alarm set off.

    Our best quality shutters also have the following features

    • Sliding doors that work smoothly
    • Anti-corrosive in nature
    • Having adequate safety features
    • 21 DB sound reduction
    • Protection from Radiant heat


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