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    Curtain Walling In London

    Amazing as they are, curtain walling systems have become a contemporary architectural accessory in large cities. Curtain walls are basically non-structural cladding systems embellished on the outermost part of the building.

    To display a great deal of aesthetics and elegance, these curtain walls are ideal for multi-storey buildings, commercial centres, airports, hotels, or malls. They generally beautiful the building and also move ahead to transform the appearance of the city, especially at night.

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    About Modern Curtain Walling Systems

    A curtain walling system is a lightweight ‘aluminium frame’ that acts as an attachment to the building with opaque infill ‘glazing’ panels.

    As a proficient team experienced in installing curtain wall systems and glazing doors and windows installation in London, we work towards leaving a lasting impact with every curtain wall system installed. The possible infill panels we utilize include;

    •  Spandrel glass ‘non-vision’
    •  Louvres
    •  Aluminium or with other metals
    •  Terracotta among others
    •  Vision glass ‘reflecting coatings, low-E coatings etc.’

    Ideally, modern curtain walling systems are categorized under Pressure-equalised systems and Water-managed systems.

    Why Choose Modern Curtain Walling Systems?

    There are a number of reasons for which you can utilize modern curtain walling in London and they include;
    • Providing thermal insulation
    • Prevention of water penetration
    • Provide an opportunity for opening windows
    • Transfer of the load to the structure of the building
    • Shield from dirt
    • Transform the aesthetics of the buildings

    The Related Curtain Walling System Services

    Apart from installing modern curtain walling systems, ADV also stretches to providing additional services like Curtain Walling Repair In London at an affordable cost.

    We avail vital ideas about the design, maintenance tips, and installation of every type of curtain wall you desire. Whether you desire double or triple glazed curtain systems, we are available for the best services.


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