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    Commercial Roller Shutter Solutions By ADV

    Slat curtains, guides, barrel castings, wind locks, the box, pinions, among others, are some of the components that make a roller shutter. The box contains the shaft assembly and motor in case the roller shutter is electrically operated.

    During Commercial Roller Shutters Installation In London, our team fixes the size of the guide channel and the box as per the size of the opening ‘door’ and the type of slat to be used.

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    Types of Commercial Roller Shutters Provided By ADV

    Commercial roller shutters are many in types and here are some of them you can consider for your business.

    Perforated Roller Shutters
    Perforated single skinned solid roller shutters are designed with a single skin steel lath with small perforated holes inside in order to transfer light as well as vision.

    We avail perforated roller shutters with a galvanized finish, powder coated, and in any RAL color. We are able to style the shutters in any way using artistic skills and advanced technology.

    Punched Roller Shutters
    Punched roller shutters are a trend in the commercial sector simply because they provide a view to the passers-by of what happens inside. The holes differ in sizes and the shutters can be made with any finishing.

    Solid Roller Shutters ‘Single Skinned’
    These are generally artistically designed and strengthened to withstand harsh conditions. They can also be installed for insulation purpose ‘sound, and heat’. An insulated roller shutter is designed with polyurethane insulating core to facilitate improved u-values and soundproofing.

    Extruded Aluminium Roller Shutters
    These shutter types are manufactured with exceptional strength and higher aesthetics. They can be provided in various colors ‘finishing’ and in different sizes.

    Tube & Link Roller Shutters
    These are manufactured in a brick-like format to allow proper vision, light penetration, and higher aesthetics. They are available in mill finish or powder coated, anodized aluminium and in any RAL color.

    Additional Services By ADV

    We also provide commercial roller shutters repair in London at an affordable cost and whenever contacted. Our commercial roller shutters can be controlled or operated by;

    • 1. Key Pads
    • 2. Remote Controls
    • 3. Rocker Switch
    • 4. Fingerprint Recognition
    • 5. Motors
    • 6. Electrically
    Retail Shop Roller Shutter Repair in London – Reliable Cost Maintenance Service

    Retail Roller Shutters

    Any business, retail or outlet safety is the topmost priority, so the main criteria of clients are high-quality shutters.


    Suitable Roller Shutters

    It is a type of door/window having many horizontal bars hooked with each other.


    Affordable Cost Security Doors Installation Service in London

    Scissor/Security Gates

    They are often called “accordion gates,”, they have the potential of closing or locking of any place, besides having clarity of an area.



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