Why Use Electric Roller Shutters? Benefits?

Why Use Electric Roller Shutters? Benefits?


    Shutters are used in nearly all the buildings these days. They were originally used in shops and barns but now they have made their way into domestic buildings. The current roller shutters are made from stainless steel or aluminum. The modern avatar of shutters is an asset to your home, not only regarding safety but also beauty. Also, these shutters can be operated through any remote device like remote control or phone. You can also have sensors installed on them which help you lower the shutters when it’s evening time. You can even add some features which help in resisting weathering of the shutters. They are ideal for providing security and privacy to your loved ones. You can control the amount of ventilation by choosing the slat type, material, and size.

    Types of roller shutters

    Manual Roller Shutters

    These shutters are moved and stopped using a strap or a winder. It does not use any power thus it is a green security solution for you. Another advantage is its low cost. They find wide application in shop fronts. Spring Loaded Roller Shutters are an ideal example.

    Electric Roller Shutters

    Electric shutters  use an internal motor to open and close. Many homeowners are concerned about the power requirement of the motor and its impact on the power bill. According to the experts, it not a cause for worry as the motor is connected to the electricity supply and can be controlled comfortably.

    Remote Controlled Electric Roller Shutters

    Electric roller shutters  can be operated through a remote-controlled device. It is an ideal way to control the windows which could be up to two meters away. They can be moved independently and offer comfortable handling (at the touch of a button). Such shutters can be used for balconies and combined windows. They can also be used as Renovation Roller Shutters which are used outside the window frame.

    Benefits of roller shutters

    Easy and pocket-friendly

    Installation of roller shutters is pretty easy and economical. It also adds up to the value of your property. It will be an advantage if you think of reselling your property.

    Obstacle detection: The modern shutters come equipped with motors which can sense the presence of an obstacle in its way. That way, it will be safe for you and your family. The motor will stop as soon as it senses an obstacle.

    Protection from the Frost:

    The modern shutters have slats that automatically stop if they are frozen. It prevents damage to the shutters and keeps them durable.

    Tamper Resistant: The presence of rigid links enhances its security. Due to this factor, the shutter can’t be lifted from outside. They are so strong that they can resist a lifting force up to 100kg.

     Stress-free: As the motor is sealed, it is not exposed to the elements. It means less corrosion and low maintenance.

    No chance of burglary: Electric roller shutters are known to be bad news for the intruders. So you can expect your building to be burglar free once you have the shutters in place.

    With remote-controlled shutters, you have the option of controlling them without moving from your favorite chair. A new shutter calls for an expert installation company. Who else but ADV will be the best company to approach?

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