Why Curtain Walling is Suitable for Multi Story Building

Why Curtain Walling is Suitable for Multi Story Building


    If you are the proud owner of a skyscraper, then curtain walling is just the right choice for you.

    The beautiful glass covering will be perfect for giving the building a stunning makeover. However, the benefits will not be only in appearance. The deeper effects are extended security and much much more. The curtain walling system comes with an aluminum frame that holds the toughened glass. It results in a combination that proves to be beneficial for increasing strength and handling extreme temperatures. Waterproofing is another thing you will swear by. For the best curtain walling London, get the right address: ADV curtain walling.

    What goes into the Manufacturing and Installation of curtain walling?

    ADV aims for the skies with this one! Isn’t that the limit for curtain walls? Our perfectionist and professionally oriented team work hard to put the system in place without leaving any space for errors and flaws. They erect the system with relentless dedication and high accuracy. Well, at ADV, we know that there is no space for any loophole. We know that our customers put blind trust in us for securing their buildings. We know we can’t let them down at any cost.

    Advantages of the curtain walling system

    Sturdy structure 

    The structure of the curtain walling system is sturdy enough to survive the violent winds that blow in some regions. This is the greatest advantage we have with the curtain walls.


    The structure inhibits the entry of water even when it’s raining cats and dogs. So you have another point to root for it.


    Despite being sturdy and watertight, it is lightweight. It doesn’t add to the weight of the already heavy building.

    Energy Saver

    You are bound to save on your energy bills due to the insulation properties of the curtain walling system. You will save a great amount of energy spent on temperature regulation inside the building.

    Easy to manage

    The system is easy to manage and can be installed at any site. It is suitable for any kind of building –small, medium or large.

    Low maintenance required

    The system requires low maintenance on a daily basis. ADV will take care of the rest.

    Attractive Design

    Contrary to what we may think, the curtain walling system adds aesthetic beauty to the building along with securing the premises.


    There is another way in which you will save money. You will not have to get external walls installed to protect the building. Now that’s  what you call dual advantage.

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