Which shutter is best for you Electric or Manual Roller Shutters?

Which shutter is best for you Electric or Manual Roller Shutters?


    Roller shutter is the ideal choice in protecting the place in terms of security and safety as well as different weather conditions. Well, the shopfront shutters do come in different working mechanisms like electric and manual. In this guide, we are going to tell you which option is best between the two.

    Roller shutters are an excellent way to keep the house safe and protect the valuables stored inside your place. The most common shutters are manual and electric which are in high demand among the business as well as house owners. Read on to know which type is ideal for your place.

    Which one to choose: Electric or Manual?

    Electric roller shutters

    Electric shutters tubular motor is around 240v that allows operating the shutters with a switch. You can also get solar and battery-operated motors. However, most of the shutters installed are hard-wired to the electrical supply. Electric shutters are operated with a switch that is close to the opening or it is operated with wireless remote control.


    • The opening and closing are very easy. Moreover, the shutters can be operated from any part of the premises with remote control.
    • The shutters can be operated automatically with a Wifi controller.
    • With the master remote systems, you can operate the shutters at once instead of leaving them individually.
    • The wear and tear chances are very less along with servicing costs.
    • Longer warranty period.
    • No need for the winder box, cord, and tape.
    • Less drilling is involved and with the remote control, the drilling issue is completely discarded.


    • The cost of the electric shutter is more as compared to manual ones.
    • Make sure you have an emergency battery system in case the power is lost.

    Manual Roller shutters

    Manual shutters have a winder box that is mounted inside the premises on one side of each opening which allows to roll the shutters up and down with a handle or gear which is present inside the winder box.


    • Cost-effective option and easy to install. They are affordable and benefits are the same as that of electric ones.
    • Installation does not require an electrician and no need to access the power.
    • Ideal for rooms that are not used that often.
    • Kind of a mini workout to operate the shutters.


    • The shutters need to operate individually every time you need to operate them.
    • Installation is not for big windows or doorways as lifting them need for power.
    • The shutters cannot be operated by the seniors, disabled people, or those who have any type of injury of shoulders and arms.

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