When Can a Roller Shutter Repair is Possible?

When Can a Roller Shutter Repair is Possible?


    Roller shutters installation is something that is taken for granted. The crime scene in the cities has become so grave today that the roller shutters are considered significant for maintaining security. At ADV, we deal in everything ranging from manufacturing, installation, service and roller shutter repair. In this post, we aim to expand the horizon regarding the shutter repair.

    Post burglary repair 

    It is one of the most common situations in which repair is required. An attempted burglary may have resulted in a successful or aborted attempt. In both cases, there may be a substantial amount of damage. Sometimes the burglars use crude weapons to force it open. Getting the shutter repaired after a burglary is very important.

    Break due to loss of keys

    The owner himself might break in due to the loss of keys. The damage will be incurred in this case too, albeit to a lesser degree. This may happen in case the keys get lost and the owner does not have access to the duplicate keys. The urgency might be more if it happens to a businessman during the business hours. In such cases, the owners break open the shutter then call the emergency repair services.

    Result of wear and tear 

    Roller shutters tend to wear out due to repeated opening and shutting as the processes involve a lot of friction. It results in wearing out of the slats. In the case of manually operated shutters, the handle also becomes loose and may need repair.

    Servicing and repair of the constituents 

    Many constituent parts need regular upkeep and servicing. If there is not enough lubrication, there will be a lot of friction between the rail and the shutter. Therefore owners should take care of greasing the area regularly. The rails operate frequently with momentum which causes loosening. The technicians conduct a check and tighten them before they become worn out.

    Repairing the locks

    The shutter locks also need regular maintenance. They may become damaged due to wear and tear or attempted burglaries. If the locks are not used regularly, they may rust with time. It is, therefore, necessary to use them regularly and keep a check on their functioning. The locks can be repaired by getting them checked by the locksmiths. They may remove the locks and repair them at their shop. In case they are damaged, they should be replaced with new pieces.

    ADV offers the best services related to all the aspects of roller shutters. So just dial our number and we will be there for setting everything right about your shutter.

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