What are Things Considered While Manufacturing, Designing and Installing Curtain Walling?

What are Things Considered While Manufacturing, Designing and Installing Curtain Walling?


    Curtain Wall installation is done to prevent the entry of unwanted elements in the premises so the manufacturing and installation of these curtain walls are done in such a way that these can keep your internal environment protected.

    These walls are manufactured and designs in such a way that these can offer following benefits to the owners

    1. Lightweight solution for even the multistory buildings
    2. These walls are manufactured in such a way that these can have resistance for extreme weather and environmental conditions so that this walling system could bear the heavy wind pressure in case of storm and even the pressure of earthquake, snowfall and the high-speed rains and air.
    3. This walling system provides the complete insulated environment to the building and even can prevent the harmful UV rays to enter the building.
    4. Provide a more spacious look to the building as the complete glassy area can be added to the premises.

    However, to enjoy these all above benefits of curtain walls following few things should be considered like

    1. Types of the curtain walling system mean the use of material
    2. What are the drainage requirements for the building
    3. What are the ventilation requirements of building
    4. Which structural elements are needed?
    5. What are the need and desire for the aesthetics

    Apart from the above factors, there are few regulations that act on these curtain walls to ensure that their installation is goal oriented.

     So following are some regulations and standards that need are applied while designing the curtain walling in London

    1. Need to consider the building regulations
    2. Need to consider Part F for ventilation
    3. Part L is applied for the conservation of fuel and power
    4. Part N is applied for glazing, appearance and safe opening and cleaning of the walls

    All these regulations are applied while specifying, designing and during curtain walling repair, moreover, some codes of the standard are also considered to ensure the proper manufacturing and designing of these solutions.

    The only application of some regulations and standardized codes is not sufficient as these systems are tested in the accordance with Center for window and cladding technology that is CWCT.

    After complete testing, these systems are installed or specified to perform their goals of wind resistance, stop the entrance of unwanted environmental elements and air penetration.

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