What Are the different types of glasses you can install on your shopfront?

What Are the different types of glasses you can install on your shopfront?


    Many people think that glasses are not suitable for the shopfronts in London. They are unable to give protection to the products and services inside the place. But this is just a false myth which people believe. There are different types of glasses available in the market with different designs and features which you are going to love.

    Different types of glasses you can install on your shopfront

    Float Glass

    Float glass is made up of floating technique to make the glass thickness. These types of glasses are made for double glazing, large window panes, and other applications. If you are having a multi-story office then installing float glass is beneficial for you. It will also help you in giving modern as well as stylish looks to your business.


    Toughened Glass

    With the help of the cooling technique toughened glass is made. This method will not let the glass break into smaller sections. The installation of these glasses is safe and secure. These glasses are best for types of applications like tables, exterior glass barriers, shelves, glass doors, and much more.


    Painted Glass

    Painted glasses are best for the places where you want your shop front to look aesthetically beautiful and provide security. They are not only meant for industrial purposes you can also install these glasses at your houses. These glasses are best for kitchen splashback, table surface, shelving, corridor walls, and much more.


    Patterned Glass

    Patterned glasses come in numerous varieties like sandblasted glass and much more. These glasses were made up of irregular heat to give an even pattern. You can install these glasses in your bathroom doors and windows that will help you in providing privacy. In fact to decorate your place you can also install patterned glasses.


    Solar Control Glass

    If you want to increase energy efficiency then installing solar control glass is suitable for your place. It will help you in reducing your electricity bills. These glasses will work with the outside weather that will help the glasses in maintaining warm temperatures in cold weather. It also keeps the heat outside and the place cool in summers. You will be amazed to know that these glasses will help natural light to enter the place.


    Laminated glass

    You can install laminated glass on the place such as a burglar-proof shop front, bulletproof glass, balustrades, and much more. These glasses are made with multiple layers and will ensure that no damage will be done. It helps in protecting the place.


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