What Are Some Major Differences Between Fire Rated Shutters And Fire Curtains?

What Are Some Major Differences Between Fire Rated Shutters And Fire Curtains?


    Explain fire rated shutters?

    Fire rated shutters provide a physical barrier against the spread of fire. When the fire is detected they will automatically get closed and control the fire from spreading across the building. They offer a very robust method of compartmentation because of the way it is designed and manufactured. They ensure that the flames and smoke of the fire are stopped in the best way possible. These shutters can be installed at airports, factories, or car parks where the chances of spread of fire are very high.

    Explain Fire curtains?

    Fire curtains are designed and manufactured that descends (falls downwards) from the wall ceiling to block an opening. It basically stops the fire and smoke from spreading between the two areas.  The buildings with large structure install these systems as it divides the building into fire compartments for safety and protection.


    • Fire shutters are manufactured and designed in such a way that they remain open under normal circumstances and they will close automatically when they detect the spread of fire. It contains a fusible link which detects the fire when they start melting at 74 degree Celsius and it gets closed automatically.
      On the other hand, fire curtains are a sheet that prevents the fire. They are less noticeable as compared to fire shutters as they are placed over the entrances and another access point. They are made of stainless steel with wire-reinforced glass fabric.
    • Fire shutters also offer a physical barrier against intrusion or when someone is trying to enter your building without your permission. However, this thing is not possible if you have installed fire curtains.
    • The fire shutters offer fire protection in three different levels which is one, two, and four hours. All the fire shutters are manufactured with quality standards and different testing methods. The shutters get closed automatically when the thermal fusible link is activated which is connected to the fire alarm system.

    On the other hand, the fire curtains also offer protection for 60, 120, or 240 minutes. It depends on the building structure that what type of system you want to install. Instead, the limitation is they don’t offer physical barriers in case of intrusion.

    The difference between both the system is very minimal so it is up to you what you want to use for fire protection. If you want something extreme and better than you should choose fire shutters. However, both of them are tested and manufactured using specific standards. So both fire shutters and fire curtain will serve the purpose.

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