What are advantages of installing visible shop shutter?

What are advantages of installing visible shop shutter?


If you want to secure your entrance along with enabling safety and enhancing visibility, then roller shutters are the best option you can have. All this is possible with the installation of visible roller shutters. We are proud to announce the arrival of visible shutters which come in the form of Perforated Roller Shutters, Grille (Grill) Roller Shutters, and Punch or Punched Hole Roller Shutters. They are available in various avatars and have the perfect flexibility and durability along with security and visibility.

How strong are the visible shutters?

If you are wondering about what exactly makes the shutters and shopfronts secure then we have many answers for you –

Aluminum –The slats are generally made from aluminum . These can be easily customized and be made available in a variety of sizes. The perforation is performed on the aluminum slats after which they are locked with tight screws. The screws and pivots being brass coated, there is strength in every slat.

  • Stainless Steel-This metal is used to fill small brackets  which helps in aligning the hinges and pivots. They are also used in making sectional slats.
  • Brass-It is used to powder coat the screws and pivots so that the life of the shop shutters gets extended.
  • Metal Alloys-Alloys like Zamak & nylon is an important part of the roller’s shutter manufacturing process. They are important in enhancing the look and feel of the roller shutter.

How can installers help in the services related to roller shutters?

Usually, the installers will –

Visit you and take a quick survey of the area where the installation of the shutters has to take place. He will suggest which kind of visible roller shutter will be suitable considering the requirements and location.

He will provide the product specification and details about the standard materials.

He will also provide information about the latest technological advancements related to the shutters.That will include details about the components which include guide channels, aluminum laths, roller assembly, and Safety brakes. He will also ensure that timely repair and prompt emergency operations can be carried out.

The factors you should keep in mind while hiring an installer –

  • You must enquire the installer about the previous jobs completed by the installer
  • You must verify the requirements which need to be fulfilled for fitting and designs.
  • You should discuss the budget figure and also other requirements which can enhance the quality of your entrance.
  • You must discuss which kind of roller shutter will be worth installing at your site.

Advantages  of having Visible Roller Shutters:

They can be painted according to the preference of the customer using  RAL/BS Colours.

The roller can be powder coated to give the magical effect your entrance needs.

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