Typing of Sliding Doors : Which one is the most beneficial for you?

Typing of Sliding Doors : Which one is the most beneficial for you?


    When you think of the perfect sliding door, you have a multitude of options. At ADV, we know how important it is to have a shopfront which catches the eye. With a wide variety of automatic doors available just for the purpose, it doesn’t seem to be a difficult option. Have a peek at the latest designs-

    1. Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

    They offer a great option if you want to replace or construct a new door. While a swing door will require a clear area for it to open and close properly, sliding doors can work well in compact areas. Vinyl is a good choice for exteriors and suits almost all kinds of architectural styles. It also strikes a chord as an efficient and durable option. Another benefit it has is they it needs minimal maintenance.

    2) Wood Sliding Glass Doors

    These doors provide wide frames and traditional designs. You can paint the interior wood to match the color scheme of the existing furnishing. If you do choose a color, you will be required to maintain it. The wooden doors come with a fiberglass coating to protect against the extreme climatic conditions.

    3) Fiberglass Sliding Glass Doors

    These doors score high when it comes to strength and maintenance. That is not all though. They are highly durable and offer maximum energy efficiency. With seven exterior frame colors and a wide choice of interior colors , you can color coordinate both the aspects. The beautiful French-style sliding doors can be installed and matched with the existing color scheme of the building. Well, you couldn’t ask for more, could you?

    4) Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

    These doors can lend the contemporary modern look to your home. If you are in the mood for remodeling, it would really help if you could add sidelights and transoms. These will grant the gift of abundant light and enough ventilation near the door. The doors come with a narrow frame and clean lines which will maximize your view. This makes aluminum the perfect choice for new construction and replacement.

    5) Moving Glass Walls Sliding Patio Doors

    These doors are absolutely stunning , which is why they are the latest rage. They are the most suitable feature for expanding your living space. With three operating styles which are Bi-folding , Stacking, and Pocket, you have a choice according to the space available in your house. A pocket door offers the facility of completely disappearing from the view when it is opened. This is so because they tuck themselves into the wall. Bifold doors are bottom loaded, which makes them light and flexible.

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