Tools and Tips to Safeguard Your Garage Storage

Tools and Tips to Safeguard Your Garage Storage


    With garage shutters becoming an indispensable part of your home, you have security at your disposal. However, you must remember that it is not only the security which acts in your favor. Roller shutter door also offers you a solution to your storage problems. Well, how exactly the roller shutters do it is mentioned in the lines given below-

    Adjustable shelving option 

    Adjustable shelving is an excellent solution for various storage spaces. They offer great flexibility and expandability. The shelves can be moved around for accommodating large items. You can also add new shelves to meet the increasing storage needs. Freestanding shelving units are available with doors which can be used to store an intermix of various items like gardening chemicals, cleaning supplies and other items which are hazardous for kids and pets but need quick access as well.

    Pegboards are another option which you can use for garage storage. For people who want easy access to various tools, a pegboard is a good idea. You can turn one wall into a pegboard by placing a lot of hooks on it. You can hook your garden hose, skis, bicycles, and other equipment to it.

    Bins also offer an excellent option for storing various items. They are ideal for small things and tools which have either an odd shape or too difficult to be hung on a pegboard. Bins help in storing such items in an organized manner. However, you will have to keep the bins labelled and the items organized so that searching for one item will not require you to rummage through all of them.

    Kitchen Jars 

    They are an unlikely choice but they have high utility. They are ideal for really small objects like nails, washers, screws. These jars will be ideal for such storage.

    Slatted Wall

    A slatted wall panel system gives you flexibility and freedom for giving shape to your storage system. These panels allow you to put bins, cabins, and shelves in various configuration and that too without drilling holes into the wall. If you mount a cabinet on a  slatted wall, it will be equivalent to the freestanding shelf. They can be used to store a load of 60 kg or more and keeping the items off-limits for the kids and pets. These cabinets are also corrosion resistant.

    Create your Workstation

    Many people are comfortable creating a workspace in the garage so that they can work in isolation. Some want to use it for pursuing their hobby. Keen artists could create space for their creativity to unfold. For this purpose, purchasing a sturdy workbench with a heavy top surface will be ideal. Choose a suitable height, length, and depth to match your space requirement. You can also add some storage later on.

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