Tips To Make Your Business Premises Ready For Emergencies

Tips To Make Your Business Premises Ready For Emergencies


    What Are The Essential Tips To Ensure That Your Business Is Emergency Proof?

    How well equipped is your office if an emergency crops up? Would you be able to handle it if there is a fire outbreak? How protected are you if a burglar intended to target your retail outlet? Well, don’t brush aside these situations as fragments of imagination. We might not expect the worse to happen, but not all things which occur in our life are pleasant. It is only an intelligent decision which will help you in averting the disaster or facing them with a brave face. For that, you will have to be well equipped. This is where ADV and emergency shutter repair come into the picture. The installation of these shutters will help you in taking up these unforeseen challenges. ADV excels in the installation of emergency shutter maintenance. One should be well prepared to handle any type of emergency, whether natural or man-made. While the natural calamities include fire outbreaks, earthquakes, floods etc. the man-made disasters come in the form of robberies, extended power outages, electrocution, chemical spills, bomb threats etc.

    It is imperative that one gets ready to face these conditions for the sake of ensuring the safety of your staff, customers and your tangible assets. For this, we recommend the following plan-

    1. Expect

    Initiate the plan with imagining the worst case scenarios. Identify the potential hazards which are associated with your business. Chart out a strategy which will identify the role of each employee in the disaster management plan.

    2. Notification  mechanism

    The second step is to chalk out a notification plan which will help the employees in getting alert and put into action the emergency plan. You can do this by installing alarms.

    3. Minimize the damage

    The next part of the plan includes designating a particular person to handle the emergency situation. Suitable training should be provided to him. The others must be instructed to leave the premises as soon as possible.

    4. Identify a hazard control process

    Work up a plan for the emergency. Decide on factors such as what will be done in the case of fire.  It all depends on whether you have fire fighting equipment at your site or you will avail the help of the fire brigade.

    5. Medical help

    Find out answers to question like whether any of staff member is trained in first aid or CPR.

    6. Clean up after the incident

    In case the site needs cleaning up, by whom and how will it be done?

    Training the employees

    It is vital to train your employees according to the plan. The guidelines must be crystal clear. The expected roles can be reinforced through weekly drills which should get rated according to the time taken. The aim should be to improve the timing. The drills must be practiced throughout the year on a regular basis.

    The fire emergency

    Let’s take an example. We are considering the outbreak of fire as an emergency situation. The following steps must be included-

    1. Identify the people who are at a higher risk: kids elderly and physically handicapped.
    2. The management must remove the hazards after evaluating them.
    3. Keep a record of the findings
    4. Undertake a review of the fire risk assessment.
    5. Take a review of the emergency exits and identify if they are clearly marked.
    6. Take an account of fire detection and fire fighting equipment.
    7.  Is there a valuable fire evacuation plan and is everyone informed about the evacuation plan and routes?

    Plan according to the strategy given above. Include all your staff members in the emergency plan . You will emerge victorious out of any emergency with these measures.

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