Tips To Keep Domestic Shutters Neat and Tidy

Tips To Keep Domestic Shutters Neat and Tidy


    Shutters are a suitable security solution for your windows. They pose a little problem in cleaning up and continue to look as good as new if you follow the tips we are giving you. ADV is the best-known shutter company in the UK. We are here to give expert tips about our products and the ways in which they can be kept clean. So follow the tip coming right from the expert –

    Shutter Cleaning Must Know Facts

    It is important that you dust the slats regularly.

    The cloth used must not shed fibers. Always opt for a clean and dry cloth.

    The way you dust is also important. You must start from the middle of the slats and work towards the outside. Keep the vertical motion from top to bottom. Take care that you clean every slat of each shutter panel. Doing it once a  week will be more than sufficient.

    Use the vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust.Use the soft upholstery attachment and keep the direction from top to bottom and center to outer edges.

    Using the toothbrush will be a perfect choice for nooks and corners. You can also use a feather duster for hard to reach corners.

    Avoid harsh rubbing if you see any blemishes. Instead, use a damp cloth and a little pressure to clean it. Once the blemish has been removed, clean it with a dry cloth.

    Be careful about the material of the shutters. Obviously, a wooden shutter will not benefit from water or liquid cleaners. It will make the shutters warp and shrink. But you can use water readily for waterproof plantation shutters. These are made of faux wood and are ideal for bathrooms and kitchen windows. After removing the dust with the water, wipe them dry with a microfiber cloth

    Shutter cleaning tips from the experts

    Use a cleaning tool specifically designed for cleaning shutters. It has dust-removing heads which are evenly spaced. This tool’s shape allows it to evenly clean many slats in one movement thus finishing the job really quickly.

    Use dish wash detergent dissolved in water for cleaning the sticky pots on the kitchen shutters, but this tip will work only for the waterproof shutters. Rinse it with a wet cloth. Afterward, wipe it with a dry cloth.

    Use a fabric dryer sheet on both sides of the shutter when they are closed. They are ideal for repelling dust particles as they are anti-static.

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