Tips To Improve Fire Security For Business Premises

Tips To Improve Fire Security For Business Premises


    Fire safety on business premises is a very important task to do. Whether you are an employer, landlord, facilities manager, building owner, or someone else, it is your responsibility to prevent the spread of fire in the building. For this, it is imperative to carry out fire risk assessments regularly and must follow all the safety measures. The business owner who does not follow the guidelines properly will have to pay fine or may get a prison sentence.

       • Test the emergency Lighting

    One of the most simple tips is to check the emergency lighting at least every month. To test whether it is working properly or not, you should switch off the power and the lights should come on. You can ask your electrician to check it properly if you are not sure about its working.

       • Service your Fire extinguishers

    Most important thing is to keep a fire extinguisher in your premises and it should be serviced every year. Additionally, you and your employees should receive fire extinguisher training to use them in a correct manner. Keep in mind that they should place in an easily accessible area if an emergency occurs. So, make sure they are not kept inside a cupboard or they are hidden behind a stock, instead, they should be visible properly.

       • Check all the fire exits

    In case of emergency, the fire rated doors, fire exits, and escape routes help to get a safe and quick exit from the building in event of a fire. While checking other security measures, also count this option. Properly check the fire exits and routes carefully and they should not be blocked in any way. Additionally, the working mechanism of automated fire doors should be working properly and they should close on it won when they detect the spread of fire.

       • Check the sprinkle system

    Another tip is to check the sprinkle heads as it is very necessary. In the event of the fire, they should sprinkle the water to prevent the fire from spreading across the building. Make sure the sprinkle heads are not damaged or there is no paint over them. Additionally, there be at least a minimum of 18 inches below them so that they work effectively.

       • Intumescent Paint

    Intumescent Paint can provide protection up to 120minutes as they can protect the steel. During construction, it should be applied for more effective results. In the vent of fire, the chemical found in the paint immediately react and foam up. Due to this, it gives time to escape from the building. Additionally, it can also be applied on timber structure but it provides protection for up to 60 minutes.

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