Tips to Improve Durability of Window Roller Shutters

Tips to Improve Durability of Window Roller Shutters


    With the installation of roller shutters, you get the best of both the worlds –increased security as well as improvement of the aesthetics of your building. Rolling shutters double up as protection from the wind, snow, and rain. They also serve in protecting our privacy. They help increase the comfort level of the house. However, they need proper installation and maintenance services to last long.

    What will you gain with good maintenance of roller shutters?

    First of all, you will get high durability and cost efficiency with the regular maintenance of the shutters. You will gain some more things with it –

    Ease of use – window roller shutters becomes easier to use if they are maintained properly.

    Safety –with regular oiling and greasing, the shutters are in perfect operational condition, which means that they will be safe to use.

    Cost reduction -Regular cleaning reduces the need for repainting them.

    Timely intervention –Timely identification and rectification of an issue leads to lower chances of larger expenses later.

    What to do to Increase Durability of Window Roller Shutters

    1. Wash the shutters 

    Old plain washing technique is the simplest way to keep the windows clean. The washing should cover both the external and internal portion of the shutter. As the exteriors are generally dirtier than the interiors, the exteriors will require more effort. Use a solution of 1:4 with detergent and water to get rid of dust, dirt, and grime.  Wipe the shutter with a sponge or a mop. Careful handling is required as some detergents discolour the roller shutters. Use a bleach to remove tough stains.

    1. Repaint

    Repaint it after cleaning. repainting the window shutter without removing the dirt and dust will make the whole exercise futile as it will lead to dull looks. The repainted coat will lend a fresh, pleasant look.

    1. Repairs

    The multiple parts of a roller shutter can get worn out with usage. Looking into the repairs is necessary to maintain the shutters. You can handle the minor issues by yourself if you are comfortable and confident about it. The major ones can be handled by the manufacturer’s service team.

    1. Oiling and lubrication

    The lubrication of your roller shutter will depend on the type you have. The lubrication should be carried out regularly. It ensures smooth movement of the roller shutters along with resistance to rust. While some of the shutters have self-lubrication features, some require regular coating from your side.

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