Tips To Ensure Safety Of Rapid Roller Doors

Tips To Ensure Safety Of Rapid Roller Doors


    Rapid roller shutter doors are a significant feature of your commercial enterprise. Rapid roller shutters are known for their high speed of opening and shutting. They are required at places where the operation of closing and shutting is required to be very rapid. Along with the speed comes the need for safety. It is advisable to follow the mentioned guidelines to ensure the safety of your employees and others-

    1. Provide training to your staff

    Proper training must be provided to your staff, especially in places where the operators of forklifts are concerned. It is common to see that the drivers of the forklifts often miscalculate the speed of the high performing security shutters. The end result is that they end up in hazardous situations which might endanger their life. Some time ago, a forklift driver has to lose his leg due to such an accident.

    2. Provide enough visibility

    Visibility of the doors is equally important. The doors must be conspicuous and should provide visibility through them also. If you own a high traffic warehouse, it is especially a cause for concern. You must be able to see when the door is up or down. The vision panels must be clear so that you can make note of the traffic that is going to come. Roller shutter doors come fixed with scratch proof panels which allow vision across both the sides of the door. This way, the people will clearly see if any hazards are lying in their path.

    3. Tough resistance to environment

    High-speed winds, harsh sunlight and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on normal doors, but you can rest assured with Rapid Roller Shutters. If your outlet is in an area which is a high wind zone, it is most suitable to get high-speed roller shutters installed there. The doors will even help in high temperature and high moisture.

    4. Traffic lights

    Some doors come equipped with rapid door led traffic lights which help in showing whether the door is free for taking in more traffic or not. This mechanism provides protection from accidents and collisions by indicating the free status of the door. Blue light at the door indicates that the door is ready to receive traffic. A red light indicates that the door has not cleared its traffic and the approaching traffic will have to wait. Such a mechanism is a boon to warehouses and places which operate at night.

    With the above-mentioned measures, you can ensure the safety of your staff and the traffic while carrying out operations in a rapid fashion.

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