The Popularity of curtain walling system is increasing in the UK – But why?

The Popularity of curtain walling system is increasing in the UK – But why?


    What is the curtain walling system?

    The use of curtain walls is used in different commercial buildings. You can see the curtain walling every day especially if you are living in a large city. The new techniques and methods are adopted by the commercial sector very fast. It will help you to protect your building from different factors and also increases the efficiency of the building. The curtain walls do not carry the load of the roof or the building floor. If you are living in the UK where the weather is changing frequently then the curtain walling systems are the best option for your building. The curtain walling not only looks good but also protect the outside of your building.


    • Flexibility of design


    The first and the most important reason for installing the curtain walls is that it changes the whole look of the building. It gives a modern and unique touch to the building because of the way it is installed and made. The curtain walling systems are made of transparent glass but different material can also be combined with it. The choices are huge in terms of style, pattern, color, and texture. The curtain walls can be made in different shapes such as angles or curves either you can go for the traditional look.


    • Structural stability


    The curtain walls are made of glass and the material is very fragile. But this is not the case, they make the structure of the building very stable and safe. They are designed to cover multiple floors of the buildings. They can also deal with factors such as water diversion, thermal expansion, and building sway.


    • Light material


    if you want to choose something which is lightweight then curtain walls are the suitable option for the buildings. The components which are required for the buildings are made from different types of materials. This helps in keeping the weight down and it also increases the design flexibility.


    • Transparency


    One of the important features of installing the curtain walls is that it maximizes the amount of light in the building. It helps in bringing the natural light. This will help to cut down the cost of electricity bills. You can also enjoy the outside view.

    • Protection against weather

    Curtain walls provide protection against the harsh weather. It will protect the building from water when it is raining. The system is installed with a proper drainage system. Not only this it also protects the building in case of fire break and prevents the fire from getting spread between the floors.

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