The Glorious Past of Shop Fronts

The Glorious Past of Shop Fronts


    Shop Fronts in North London | Aluminium, Bi-Folding Doors

    A look at their first look

    Shop fronts are making their glossy presence felt everywhere. Let’s look at their past as well. In the past days, the shops were not permanent establishments. The trading usually took place at makeshift markets and fairs. The housewives would visit the temporary shops for their daily necessities. These shops were existent for only a temporary basis. But with time, the scene changed. The temporary fairs were replaced by permanent shops. They usually had living space at the back or above. We have been there at the starting and we will continue to serve our customers till the end. We are the pioneers as far as the scene of shopfront in London goes.

    The primal shop fronts

    The primal shop fronts Designs

    Unglazed arched windows

    The newly established shops normally preferred to have large, arched windows which were unglazed. The night protection for such windows used to be a pair of horizontal shutters. The upper shutter was hooked up to provide shelter. The lower one, on the other hand, was used to form a counter.

    Glazed windows

    Glazed shop windows were a welcome change after several years. The windows consisted of small glass panes which were set in a glazing bar grid.

    Bow Windows

    Bow windows also gained popularity by the turn of the century. The Georgian and the Victorian shop fronts were the cynosures of all eyes but our 20th-century windows were ahead of the times and were conspicuous by their modern striking looks.

    The later additions

    By the century’s end, two major designs dominated the shopfront scene. One of them sported a minimalist look. It was built out of shiny, sleek material devoid of any decoration. The second one was a more decorative look. In it, traditional style was used with marble flooring accompanied by curved glass entrance.

    The revolutionary materials

    New materials were used instead of the oft-used iron. Steel gradually replaced cast iron in the usage of shop fronts. It allowed more variations in the construction of shop fronts.


    A revolution of sorts came with the introduction of aluminium in shop fronts. It seems to be a perfect material for the shop fronts. The metal is not only lightweight but also durable and versatile. The shopfronts made out of it can withstand the ravages of harsh weather conditions.

    Bi-Folding doors

    Bi-folding doors literally offer you a view of large open spaces and natural light into your home. They offer an unusual combination of sleek looks and ease of use.

    Shopfronts have indeed come a long way from the Victorian era to the lightweight avatar.

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