The Evolution of The Curtain Wall

The Evolution of The Curtain Wall


    Curtain walls have become an essential feature of building these days.Rarely do we see one without these systems even though it might not be evident in the first glance . The concept is not entirely new as it has been around for quite a few years. The incorporation of new material and new construction techniques has put it in the forefront though. So it’s time to take a look at the history and evolution trail of Curtain Walling

    The Medieval Era

    Castles used curtain walling extensively to protect their interiors. It was a significant feature to protect the structure as well as the inhabitants and the material within. They granted strength and defense to the building by being connected to the towers. Wood, earth mounds and other geographically available material was used to construct the curtain walling system of the ancient era.With time,  stones, steel, and bricks replaced them. Nowadays,  aluminium is the most preferred material for it.

    Mid 20th Century

    This era did away with the heavy stuff and preference was given to sturdier but lighter materials. This era saw the development of skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building. These kinds of buildings were made with new construction techniques and lighter materials. Aluminium, being lightweight, inexpensive and durable had already started gaining popularity and started replacing the older, heavier stuff.

    Modern day

    The modern times are characterized by access to a plethora of building materials. Aluminium still continues to be the first choice. There are also a number of alloys which have brought about innovation in the construction,aviation, and mechanization industry.These are often referred to as ‘mega metals ‘as they are superb for use in design, construction, and architecture. These offer versatility as well as umpteen utility benefits for the above-mentioned industry. Curtain Walling has also undergone a revolution because of these metals. What’s more, they can be incorporated into pre-existent buildings in addition to the new ones under construction.

    The ‘advantage’ package

    Curtain Walling,  no doubt is a versatile and viable decision to be taken up in the best interests of the building and the inhabitants. It is environmentally friendly and offers a long list of benefits to the structure and the aesthetics of the building. Going by the synthesis of new materials every other day, it may very well be a possibility that the curtain walls of the future might be something out of this world.


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