Steps to Tighten Security in your Industrial Premises

Steps to Tighten Security in your Industrial Premises


    Being the owner of an industrial business brings its own set of responsibilities with it. The security of your stock and premises hold optimum importance for the owners. The source of your livelihood demands and deserves ultimate protection. Well, industrial shutters are the best installation you can have which make your premises safe and sound. Rolling shutters are being increasingly used to make the industrial buildings safe and free from vandalism.

    Risk Assessment

    It is a process in which we assess the weak points of the building. It helps in ascertaining the security loopholes and vulnerable points. It involves two steps. The first being a walk-around audit with a person or an employee who is thoroughly familiar with the premises. The second step involves doing research work on industrial crimes in your area. The knowledge will help you know which strategy could make you more secure.

    Fortify the Entry Points

    Usually, industrial estates have several entry points that could be used by burglars and vandals. Keeping this in mind, you will have to ensure that all the points are sufficiently protected, with the presence of security shutters. If you have a limited budget, prioritize the points which seem to be more vulnerable. Be sure that you cover the more visible entry points with expensive, heavy-duty security shutters. Keep the ordinary doors and locks for less visible and vulnerable points.

    Install Alarm and CCTV Systems

    It is a norm to get CCTV and alarm systems fitted in industrial premises. They are quite efficient in making your premises more secure. However, you will have to take care that you have installed the right kind and the latest equipment. Faulty alarm systems and out-dated cameras are not going to give you the protection you need. Often people are satisfied by installing low-resolution, low-frame rate security cameras but these are only an eye wash. CCTV should be able to give high-quality footage and the alarm should get activated on time. If these fail to deliver at the time of the crime, then getting them installed has no meaning at all. It will not lead to any protection or production of legal evidence against the wrongdoer.

    With this discussion, we would like to give you a gentle reminder that our company supplies the sturdiest and the most efficient shutters in the industry. With our shutters, you will have optimum protection. The rest of the factors have been mentioned by us to guide you about attaining peace of mind as far as your security is concerned.

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