Steel Roller Shutters V/S Wooden Garage Doors

Steel Roller Shutters V/S Wooden Garage Doors


    If you are thinking to install shutters at your garage and still in doubt about shutter material, protection, and aesthetics over wooden door, then must read this article carefully. Here, in this content we are going to tell you about the differences between steel shutters and wooden doors.

    Roller shutters are an integral part of every business, which is useful to secure your premises. If you are thinking to install rolling shutters then must contact us, because we are dealing in manufacturing and installation of shutters.

    Shutters not only useful to give you pleasant look but also valuable to secure your vehicles as well. Shutters are available in 2 types of material such as steel and aluminum. Here, in this guide, we are going to talk about steel roller shutters and wooden doors for your garage.

    Let’s have a look at the difference between steel roller shutters and wooden garage doors.

    Steel Roller Shutters versus Wooden Garage Doors

    Shutter Doors Strength

    Security is the most important factor to be considered for the safety of your belongings. If you are thinking to secure your premises or vehicles, must go with steel shutters. Since steel is the strongest material which gives you the maximum strength and does not require much care. Whereas, wooden garage doors need much care and maintenance, because these are not as strong as steel material.

    Weather protection

    Steel is the material which offers you maximum protection from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snowfall, and fast breeze. But if you are planning to go with wooden doors, you must keep in mind that these will not be going to give you the best service. Since wooden is not appropriate material for doors on rainy days.

    Shutter maintenance

    As we stated above roller shutters do not require much care and maintenance, because these are made with the strong and hard material. You can simply clean them with the help of water and cotton cloth and there is no need for roller shutter repair. Whereas, wooden doors require much care and maintenance, also need repair frequently. That is completely money wastage thing, so you must go with steel shutters for your garage.

    Automatic operation

    Shutters can be operated automatically with the help of remote and electric switch as well. However, wooden garage doors are operated manually with human hands. You need to go to the garage in order to open or close the door. But in the case of steel shutters, you can simply operate them from anywhere in the house. So, there is no need to take tension.


    Steel is a material which you simply customize in any shape, size, and design. There is a range of colors from which you have to choose for your shutter. Well, wooden doors also offer you customized design and style but effective as steel shutters.

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