Some Shutter Maintenance tips from ADV

Some Shutter Maintenance tips from ADV


    Shutters are maintenance free, you must have heard these lines before. But Shutters are also prone to attracting dust. Don’t worry, we can still make them shining and gleaming with certain tips we have up our sleeve.

    Get the right tools

    For clean shutters and excellent shutter maintenance, you need to know about the right tools which can be used to clean them. For shutter repair, you have the ADV team at your disposal. The tool required will depend on the type of shutter you have. Shutters can be manufactured from hardwood or softwood. They can also be made up of American polyvinyl. The cleaning of shutters is a completely easy process which requires a wipe with a clean dry cloth. Even a feather duster will do the job well. You could also use specialist shutter cleaners.

    If you have wooden shutters, avoid using a damp cloth. It is best to stick to the dry kind of cleaning. Faux wood is more resistant to the ill effects of water. If you have polyvinyl, then you need not worry as it is completely waterproof. Thus you see, the cleaning options are wide and varied according to the material.

    Wipe and shine

    Solid shutters pose no problem in cleaning as one wipe is enough to make them dust free. If the shutter has slats, then open the slats as wide as they can be opened and wipe them with a cloth. You could also do the same job with a feather duster. There is a technique you must follow to clean it. Start from the middle and proceed to the edges. Move back in towards the room so that the dust doesn’t get pushed behind the shutters. It is a good idea to use feather dusters to clean the top and the back of the shutters. Using a toothbrush will clean the nooks and corners of the shutters. Do make use of a step ladder otherwise you might end up getting injured. If you are short of time, then you can clean the shutters in the closed position. This can be done by closing all the slats and wiping with a duster. Clean the solid shutters and keep them polished. Check whether the cleaning product is suitable for the surface before using them.

    Stain treatment

    Use a damp cloth to clean the stains. If the shutter is made up of wood, a wet cloth can cause warping or splitting. More water can be used for the waterproof shutter range.

    Vacuum your woes

    You could also use a vacuum cleaner to make you shutters totally dust free. But be careful to use the dusting attachment, not the floor attachment as it might cause harm to the surface.

    Polish the  hinges

    Polishing the hinges twice a year will take care of all the hinge issues. Use a light oil to lubricate the hinges and keep the screws tightened. It will help in ensuring the smooth functioning and durability of the shutters.

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