Signs That You Must Not Ignore Indicating Your House Isn’t Ready For Winters

Signs That You Must Not Ignore Indicating Your House Isn’t Ready For Winters


Its winter time again and the chilly weather will be here anytime now. Snow is sure to arrive at the indicated time. So, the weather is ready to take its toll but is your house ready for it? One way to make it weather compliant is the installation of shopfronts and roller shutters. With ADV shopfronts, you have nothing to worry about. The frigid weather can be a menace for your home so be on your guard and adhere to the following tips-

1. Contraction and expansion of the walls

In winter, the material of the walls is prone to contraction. It might lead to problems in the locking system. This problem arises due to the failure of the lock to settle on the plate. The result is that the doors appear to be closed when actually it is not. The remedy lies in tightening the hinge plate. Another method which one can use is to shave the door at the point where it comes in contact with the frame.

2. The caulks are shrinking

Caulks are used to fill the gaps within the building. When the winter arrives, the caulks face shrinkage. Get your home inspected and recaulked if necessary. One can avail specialty caulk if the all in one caulking is not suitable. If you reside in a region where the temperature touches extremes,caulking must be done so as to avoid expansion and contraction. One can even get it done to resist fire. Caulks are also known to fight mildew.

3. Counter Dampness

When we talk dampness, there are three reasons which give rise to it.

Rising Damp arises when the groundwater rises through the wall. It results in the damaged skirting boards. The surrounding wallpaper also bears the brunt. For such problems,a horizontal plastic strip is installed inside the wall to prevent the water from rising.But the method may prove ineffective if the ground level of the water is higher than the damp- proof area of the house.

Penetrating damp -this type of dampness is caused when the water leaks through the walls. The reason often lies in faulty piping or guttering. It is usually seen in the older buildings. It shows up as ugly damp patches on the walls,floors, and ceilings. The appearance of the ugly patches is curbed only when a thorough inspection of the gutters and pipes is carried out and the fault is rectified.

Condensation often occurs when the moist air comes in contact with the walls which are much warmer. The condition is further aggravated by poor ventilation. It manifests in the form of water droplets on the walls and growth of mold.Windows might also appear fogged due to this condition.

The one and only solution for these problems is the installation of fabricated doors which have proper glazing as per industry standards.

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