Shutter Repair in Londonderry | Shutter Repair Company in Londonderry

Shutter Repair in Londonderry | Shutter Repair Company in Londonderry


    Shutters – An Ideal Addition For Your Home

    Roller shutters are a significant part of your homes and offices as they grant security and add to the aesthetic value of the building. But given the choices available in the market regarding the material, the customer can be a wee bit confused about which option to choose. Of course , you need to do a lot of research before getting the shutters installed. You will have to take the responsibility of regular upkeep of the shutters along with a regular servicing and repair schedule. Of course, ADV is the only organization which will offer supreme services regarding shutters. We are the best shutter repair company. Of course, our installation methodology is equally well.

    So if you are on a lookout for a suitable company which carries out Shutter Repair in Londonderry, call ADV experts. Let’s take a look at the various materials available-


    The wooden shutters lend a classy, elegant, Victorian style look. They lend a naturally insulated environment as they keep the heat in during the cold winters. It lends sturdiness to your home as it is a robust material. But their maintenance is equally exhaustive. One has to prevent it from rotting, cracking and splitting. It may also warp and fade over time. It is susceptible to fire too. You will need to regularly get it polished and panted over the years. You will also be required to keep it stain free to maintain its beauty. The shutters will be susceptible to a cracking and warping in areas with water usage such as kitchen and bathroom. If you live in a place with a moist climate, then wood is certainly not the ideal choice for your home or office.


    On the other hand, if you try installing PVC, you will be surprised at the advantages it has over wood. It is manufactured from a durable and non-toxic material. It is a synthetic material means it is free from the problems of moisture absorption, splitting and cracking. It will also take years for it de-laminates if that ever happens. While wood is prone to damage by water and catches fire easily, PVC shutters are moisture resistant and fire retardant. They also score well on the point of providing excellent insulation. With the greater UV protection it offers, most of you will have no doubt regarding which material to choose.

    If you are still adamant about wood, how about a lesser price tag and long durability? Well, if you are still in two minds, consider the choice of matte finish and a wide range of colors. If all that doesn’t suffice, this will be a sure winner: it can be custom made to fix your windows. This will ensure a snug fit with no chances of somebody barging on your privacy.



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