Security Solutions Available for Windows for Home/business

Security Solutions Available for Windows for Home/business


    Shopfronts are the best security solution for your home or commercial outlets. When we talk about windows, we visualize something which is very aesthetic and beautiful. It symbolizes the peek into the outside world. They also symbolize an outlet for the stale air while letting in the fresh air and light inside. But at the same time, they are the most vulnerable point in our building as they provide an opportunity for the malicious elements to succeed in their vicious intentions. Thus arises  the need to secure the windows with roller shutters. With shutters, you will not worry even for a day about your windows being vulnerable

    Security and windows

    Security shutters: Of course, one can’t undermine the significance the windows hold for the building, but it is a well-known fact that they are the most vulnerable points of a building. If one fails to secure the windows, chances are that they might be used by the vandals and burglars to give shape to their malicious intentions. If one is not careful enough, he might end up facing heavy monetary losses. If we talk about the domestic front, the hazard is higher as the lives of our loved ones are at stake too. So it is all the more important that you secure your windows, whichever building your own.

    Secure your building

    Securing your building is not a major issue in modern times as many options are available-

    1. Alarm system

    Contact alarms are installed on the windows and they send an alert whenever someone tries to open a window forcefully. Although it is good at sensing contact with the glass, it fails to detect the mechanism of the glass breaking. It’s better if you get glass break sensors installed alongside to prevent such failures. Optimal protection will come with the installation of both the sensors.

    2. Security glass windows

    Security glass offers tough resistance to burglars and vandalism attempts. They add a significant extra layer to windows in both the residential and commercial buildings. Toughened glass offers multi-layered protection with numerous protection layers. The advantage that you get with the security glass is that the window no longer remains a vulnerable point, and gets converted into a point with strong security. With the strong glass, it becomes more of a deterring factor for the burglars.

    3. Metal grilles

    Grilles offer high resistance to burglars but the whole scenario doesn’t work in favor of your house’s aesthetics. If you require additional safety, you can consider using metal barriers which offer maximum protection. Even if the thieves manage to bypass the metal barriers , they will have to shell out extra time to deal with the wire mesh or grilles, which might not go down well with them.

    4. Window Locks

    Window locks offer an extra layer of protection. No, we are not talking about the pre-installed locks as they lack in security. Don’t assume that your windows are secure as sometimes they don’t have any locks installed with them. Even the flip locks that come with them are not as efficient. Keyed locks are the best bet when it comes to windows , They offer high resistance to thieves who try to force the window open.

    5. Keep a check

    It always pays to keep a check on your windows for any chips or cracks. Get these fixed as soon as possible as they will help in keeping the windows secure. The glass pane should be free of any cracks. Ensure that the glass is in perfect shape as intruders often target it for entering the houses.

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