Security Shutter Installation in Birmingham | Security Shutter Repair in Birmingham

Security Shutter Installation in Birmingham | Security Shutter Repair in Birmingham


Are Residential Security Shutters Designed Differently?

As these days cases of domestic burglary are increasing so the need for security at domestic properties is more. Even at the places where the risk is higher, we can plan extra protection by security shutters along with the door locks, CCTV cameras, and burglar alarms.

While planning for the Security Shutter installation in Birmingham for your home it is the obvious question that comes to our mind whether these domestic shutters will be of similar design as are installed at commercial places?

Well, there is the wide range of security shutters designed and manufactured according to the different requirements and choices of the customers and even the shutters are designed as per the requirement of security for the customer. Security level, aesthetics, easy operation, a need of maintenance and requirement for Security Shutter repair in Birmingham is generally considered while designing any security shutter for any property but when it comes about designing the security shutters for domestic purposes then the approach of designing becomes more customization as below:

  • Domestic shutters are made up with compact slat sizes for the less intrusive appearance so that they could get roll tightly and can even get fit into the smaller housing space. Even there is the option for circular housings.
  • Domestic shutters are designed with the ventilated profiles so that air and light could get pass through them
  • Color choice is special taken care of while designing shutter for domestic need as people demand for the shutters that could have color matching with their interior and exterior of home so we design the shutters in which both slats and housing are powder coated so that they could give complement to the window and door frames of the house.
  • Some people demand the insulated shutters for their windows so that they can get energy efficient doors with security as a bonus
  • Domestic shutters are designed as per the choice of people for the motorized operations means according to their choice to control the operations of the shutters
  • Domestic shutters are designed with the various security levels that are insurance approved.

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