Roller Shutter Company in Newry | Roller Shutter Installation In Newry

Roller Shutter Company in Newry | Roller Shutter Installation In Newry


What Questions To Ask The Roller Shutters Supplier Before Proceeding To Buy One?

Before buying security shutters w have endless questions in our mind, which if not cleared keep stressing us all the time, hence it is better to clear all out doubts regarding roller shutters, and it would be all the better to get it cleared from reliable sources like Roller Shutter Company in Newry. Below is a list of question you can ask before planning to buy shutters:

  • Is There Any Warranty With The Shutters?

Yes, every shutter that you see in ADV stores comes with a bond, in the face of any damages or errors by the installation. In case you face any issue (during the time period specified), we will work for improving it, no cost. In case clients take a maintenance contract, it can be extended.

  • How Long Is The Installation Process?

This usually varies from product to product, but once we get a verification from your side for the product, then it might take up to 20- 30 days till shutter is installed. Roller Shutter Installation In Newry is very quick and pocket-friendly, as well.

  • Can Shutters Be Painted On Demand?

Mostly It can be done because every shutter has a factory finish. Steel roller shutters are coated as basic. Aluminium roller shutters can be found in a natural finish. Many are pounded or painted with a basic RAL colour or a fixed colour,which you demand.

  • How Quickly Can You Provide Me With My Shutter?

In case we do not have the earlier commitment, or if the materials are ready with us, we can surely try providing you with your shutters, at the earliest.

  • What Is The Price Range Of Shutters?

This is not a very easy question to answer, because the price depends on many things, like the product, the material used, the colour of shutters and many more things.

  • What Makes You The Best?

ADV products are above the standard level. They also have factory production control. Our skilled workers work both in house and also on the exterior.

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