Reasons your Electric Roller Door is opening by itself

Reasons your Electric Roller Door is opening by itself


Electric garage doors are important to install in one,s home for the benefits it provides to the residents. They not only help in providing extra security but also helps to keep the car clean in snowy or windy weather, hence saving the time of the people residing .

A garage door which is most commonly used multiple times a day is often not well appreciated for the benefits it offers. The extra safety which is provided by these roller shutters, garage roller shutters or garage doors should not be neglected and hence needs maintenance for its effective functionality or mechanism. The failure ina single device even can disrupt the door’s smooth mechanism. The garage door adds to the curb appeal to the house also so one should not try to escape its maintenance as it can lead to some troubles like getting opened by itself anytime.

Here are some reasons and ways to fix  the problem of the self-opening of the doors

1)Remote Interference

In remote interference, your garage doors open up by themselves when they are programmed at the same channel of frequency as of your neighbor’s. So when your neighbor with his remote button tries to open his door might end up opening yours. But the problem can easily be fixed by just changing its frequency. Other devices that use the same frequencies are CB radios, police radios, etc.

2) Debris Interference – Electric garage helps you to avoid cleaning your cars in icy winters or snowy weather as they are well covered in a closed roof with which you save your time in struggling to wipe off the dust or snow off your car. These garage doors have multiple devices or components which work all together to perform the function of opening the door and closing it. They have sensors near the ground to ensure nothing is stuck underneath them which can interfere in performing their role properly. If the sensor picks any sort of debris the door is sure to get seemingly open by itself. So it is your duty to check nothing is blocking the path of the door and then you are good to go in controlling your electric garage.

3) Remote opener

Another reason for your ghost opening garage door is when your remote control is dirty or its batteries are not well-positioned .So, you may need to fic the remote to get back to your real electric garage

4) Call out a professional

You may seek the help of custom overhead doors to fix the damage if your garage door is causing any problem

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