Reasons Why Quality of Fire Doors Frame Matters For Your Business

Reasons Why Quality of Fire Doors Frame Matters For Your Business


    Fire Doors are an exclusive range of doors, manufactured especially for the prevention of fire. A fire door is essentially composed of two components. The first component is the door itself. The second one is the frame. Both, when used in conjunction, are useful for keeping the fire in control in case the unfortunate incident happens. It acts as an effective barrier against fire and smoke. It is additionally useful for keeping the fire restricted to a certain area for a certain frame of time. But one must keep in mind that both the components should be used together to maintain cent percent safety from fire. Both the elements should be installed as one will fail to fulfill the purpose without the presence of the other one.

    Go With The Manufacturer’s Instructions

    It is ideal that you purchase your fire door and the frame from the same supplier. It will be the best decision to ensure that maximum efficacy is achieved as far as fire protection is concerned. Products from the same supplier will be compatible and work efficiently in case of any untoward incident. But the same can’t be said of the components sourced from different manufacturers.

    Pair The Two Properly

    It is literally a frame – versus -flames situation. If you think purchasing a fire door is enough to counter the inferno flames, you have got it all wrong. A certified fire door paired with an ordinary frame will be nothing but a waste of money. An ordinary frame will not be able to resist the flames and your fire protection facility will soon turn to ashes. On the other hand, if you choose the recommended frame, it will be highly effective in keeping the fire in control. The fire door frames are manufactured especially from dense wood boards of a material resistant to fire. Hardwood frames with a density of 650kg per square meter are effective for resisting fire for up to an hour. Frames made of the same material with a density of 450kg per square meter will effectively offer resistance to fire for 30 minutes. The density of the frame and the door must match. Certain wood such as ash, which is highly inflammable, is never used to make such frames. So adhere to the manufacturer’s advice about the fire doors and frames so that you minimize the chance of incurring damage to your employees and property. It is also very important that the gap between the door and the frame should not be more than 3 mm. Ensure that appropriate seals are fitted between the door and the frame.

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