Questions about Roller Shutter Installation

Questions about Roller Shutter Installation


    So, you are going to get the roller shutter installed on your premises for the first time. You are not sure what the installation process will involve and what work needs to be done. In this guide, we are going to share the different questions regarding the roller shutter installation.

    You called the professionals to get the site measured for shopfronts shutters and place the deposits but now you are not sure what needs to be done. When a customer visits us for shutter installation they have several questions in their mind. So, we thought to share the common questions to make the customers aware of the process.

    Who should I prepare for the installation?

    To install the roller shutters, windows and openings need to be accessed so the work will be done outside. If there is anything in the garden or outside area then you should adjust it so that it does not get damaged. If you want to help, the installers will be very happy to love the large pots or any furniture which is not able to move alone.

    Will there be a lot of disarrangement?

    Due to physical access, the disruption is needed. While installation the power needs to be turned off for 10 to 30 minutes. So, make sure to shut down the computer or laptops while the work is going on so that your work is not lost. Well, before switching off the power the electricians will give you the notice.

    Should I stay home the entire time?

    There is no need to stay home while the installation is going on. Many of our clients meet us in the beginning and return once the work is done. It is best to return before the installers are going back so that you can check everything is proper. They will also let you know how to operate them correctly.

    How many tradesmen are needed for the Installation?

    Typically 2 shutter installers along with qualified electricians are needed. Our tradesman is going to work as a team to make sure everything is completed and at the end of the installation, the shutter is fully-functional.

    If the work is more then might be additional shutter technicians are needed as they will do the work of heavy lifting or when there is a need to work on heights.

    Are you going to take away the rubbish?

    Once the work is done, our team will ensure that your property is tidy & clean. After completion of every task proper checking is done.

    If there is any fault, what will you do?

    Although, the team will rarely get it fixed right away.

    Just make sure that you keep up with the maintained part of the shutter so that they are operated smoothly for many years. If you have any doubt then talk to our team for detailed information.

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