Practical Tips by ADV to increase the life of Roller shutters

Practical Tips by ADV to increase the life of Roller shutters


We need roller shutters for our protection and security. That is exactly the reason why you can see shutters in all types of buildings whether residential or commercial. The shopfront roller shutters need the following tips for maintaining besides roller shutter repair if required.

Tip 1: Clean the Shutters regularly 

Your shutters are the external layer of your building. They are naturally going to be covered up in grime, dirt, and dust due to this fact. So you should be careful about its regular cleaning. The cleaning routine is simple and easy to perform-you just have to wipe it with a wet cloth and doing so once a week will be enough. Use this clean up as an opportunity to check for any serious damage ad the overall working of the smaller components.

Tip 2: Keep the Shutters Obstruction Free  

Whenever you pull the roller shutter down, you should check for obstructions. Even if there is a small object in the tracks, your shutters may be damaged while being closed. It can also cause buckling and jamming of the shutter. In case such a situation arises, then then you must not continue to use it for it will cause further damage. The only solution is to get it fixed immediately. The check for obstructions should be conducted especially after a storm, as dirt, twigs, and branches may be blown around and get stuck in the shutter.

Tip 3: Pull the Roller Shutters down when it gets Windy 

Roller shutters are great at providing strong resistance against wind, but only when they are in the shut position. In a closed position, they will offer the ultimate protection to your windows and will be able to fight the strong winds with more sturdiness.

Tip 4: Keep Them Well lubricated

Don’t forget to oil your shutters even if their motion seems to be smooth. With time, an lubricated shutter will become stiff resulting in resistance to opening and closing. If this happens, it is highly recommended that the shutters not be operated during this phase. You will end up either risking further damage or putting additional pressure on the motor.

Tip 5: Get them Serviced Regularly

All the shutter installation companies offer an annual service schedule. The team from the company comes and checks for the overall functioning of the shutter’s parts. They will also be able to detect problems and rectify them before they acquire serious proportions. They will also provide guidelines on maintenance, and help keep your shutter running smoothly. Avoiding service is a great blunder as the major problems of the shutter may go unchecked and burglars may take advantage of the poor condition of the shutters.

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