New Roller Shutter in South London – #1 Shutter Installer in South London

New Roller Shutter in South London – #1 Shutter Installer in South London


2 basic ways to ensure safety of your organisation

While we may recognize physical security as the only aspect, there is more to it. We are living in a world where everything happens on the computer or online. Looking at the current scenario, it is imperative to safeguard an organization on the online as well as offline level. To be more precise, it means that its security needs to be maintained at a physical and a virtual level. For online security, a number of security features are offered by software companies. For the physical aspect, the roller shutter is the best option. If you are indecisive about roller shutter installation, consider ADV. It is the best roller shutter installer company. We will help you with the installation of new roller shutter in south London.

Online Security

It is surprising to know that many companies don’t secure their crucial and critically important data. Overlooking such details can lead to heavy losses or leakage   of information. They must have a suitable recovery plan or back up the measure in case any problem occurs with the data storage. Various measures are available in the market which ensures that your data doesn’t get corrupted. Many companies also take responsibility for securing your data. It is a smart move to hire such companies. But one should be careful about the credibility of such companies. This aspect can be checked by ensuring that they are certified. Firewalls, secure networks, and disaster recovery plans are also a desirable solution. It is also advisable to keep your systems updated so that the technically savvy hackers don’t get unauthorized access to your systems. Password protection is also a desirable measure. It is wise to keep the machines and the software password protected. Constantly changing the passwords will also benefit in the long term.

Offline Security

There are a lot of choices when we are considering offline security. CCTV cameras are an efficient way to ward off unauthorized entry. Fire alarms, evacuation plans, insurance cover are also required for maintaining the physical security of the organization. A sound insurance policy should be considered which covers physical losses and damages. You should also ensure that you are up to date on the technology front. But foremost physical security comes from the presence of roller shutters. One can choose from manual, electric or fire rated roller shutters. While the manual shutters are the conventional shutters which have to be opened manually, the electric shutters are operated by remote devices. They may be operated by push buttons too. The manual shutters are environment-friendly as they don’t use electricity. They are also advantageous to be used in places where power cuts are common and one doesn’t have to depend on electricity. Motor operated shutters offer ease of use and less operation time. It is ideal for places where the operation of opening or closing is to be repeated often. Another form of roller shutters is the fire rated roller shutters. These are used in places which are susceptible to fire due to their occupation. These types of shutters are ideal for protection from fire as they are built of material which can tolerate very high temperatures. It is also effective in preventing the fire from spreading out thus enabling the people to either seek emergency help or evacuate the building to ensure safety.

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