Move Your Precious Assets with Perfection

Move Your Precious Assets with Perfection


    Wooden doors offer good looks and classic finish, they tend to become chipped or scratched in a matter of seconds, more so when they are being moved. It is also susceptible to early rotting. Another disadvantage is that despite the high price, its lifespan is quite short.

    In comparison, aluminium doors and windows are a safe bet when they need to be transported to some other place. It is not as expensive as wood and as it is light, it and easier to carry. We specialize in aluminium windows and we have installed many aluminium windows in Holborn London. Expensive items are generally not covered by the insurance companies. Even if they somehow cover it, they only do so for certain type of damages. It means that all types of damages can’t be covered by them.

    All in all, aluminium can be transported with ease while transportation of wood will pose many problems. Aluminium shopfronts in Holborn London are a common sight.

    The harsh weather factors

    • Extreme changes in temperature

    When it comes to transporting the aluminium doors and windows from a region to another region with a drastically different weather, the aluminium fixtures will have an edge over wood. While aluminium will remain the same throughout, wood will be influenced by the even the temperature in the truck which is transporting them. If there is a drastic change in temperature and humidity, the wood will expand or contract according to the humidity level. Wood expands in areas with high humidity. Similarly, it contracts in areas with low humidity. If the wood is transported from a region with a cold climate to a region with a hot climate, it will shrink.

    • Plan smartly

    Work out a schedule in such a manner that you incur minimum expense while shifting. It is really smart to schedule your shifting during the week instead of weekends. Since everyone thinks of shifting on weekends, the transporters hike their fees during the weekends while they charge at a discount on the weekdays as they have hardly any business during that time.

    • Labeling counts

    It will be really helpful if the doors and windows are marked according to the floors. You will thank yourself for this action later on as you will not have to carry each piece to its location. Do count the number of your doors and windows so that you don’t lose them.

    • Protection while on the move

    Look up the perks the movers are providing. Look up what kind of insurance they offer. Some of them might also offer packing services. Use them to your advantage. But there are some who don’t provide insurance unless they get to pack it too. So be careful before handing over your possessions to them. Be wise enough to take pictures of the doors and windows along with a date to prove damage, if any is incurred.

    It is also advised that the doors and windows should be covered with a thin fabric so as to avoid accumulation of dust.

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