Manual or Electric – Which Shutter is better?

Manual or Electric – Which Shutter is better?


    Roller shutters ensure security and privacy whether you install them at your home or in office. It is a budget-friendly method which provides protection against theft and different weather conditions. Different conditions such as snow, heavy rainfall, or storm. There are available in a different option, style, and color. Additionally, aluminum shutters are the best option as they are durable and because of the feature of strength. On the other hand, security shutters are durable and installation is also easy. But, it is equally important to see which type of shutter you want to install in your premises i.e. electric (motorized) or manual shutter. So, let’s discuss which option will be better for you.

    Electric Roller shutter

    The electric or motorized shutter is equipped with a small motor which helps in the working mechanism of the shutter. The shutters open and close using the remote control. Whenever you use the remote control it gives the signal to the shutters and the aluminum shutter is closed or opened.  Additionally, this makes the shutter easy and convenient to use.

    The installation of electric shutters will not drain the power supply. It needs only a few Watt to open or close the shutters. So, you don’t have to worry about the electricity being used too much. The shutters which are made with new technique and method also contain solar panel. So, it will save energy while you are still enjoying the other advantage.

    The working of these shutters is fast as compared to manual shutters. The motorized shutter is easy to maintain. Unfortunately, if you are on a low-budget then this is not the right option. The installation of shutters cost more as compared to manual shutters.

    Manual Roller shutter

    These shutters are best in their own way. This option is very popular with new buyers. The shutters are easy to install as compared to manual shutters. Additionally, if you don’t want to spend too much money then it is the best option for you. The manual shutters are more likely suitable for a home in the garage area.

    These shutters contain a manual roller fitted on the top. It makes the opening and closing smooth. Usually, these shutters need regular oiling to ensure flexible movement. Keep in mind, that if you want to adjust the level than you have to do it manually. Unfortunately, the maintenance of these shutters is harder as compared to electric shutter. You have to check the roller movement and add oil to different parts. Otherwise, they will not close or open properly. Due to which, you have to spend the cost of getting them repaired.

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