Make your Display stunning with these shop front tips

Make your Display stunning with these shop front tips


We are always thinking of advertising tricks the customers can’t ignore. We post our messages on all media, thinking people will not be able to ignore it. But that is not true, people can ignore your messages if they wish to. They can turn off the radio and TV and not take much notice of the brochure you took so many pains to print. So won’t it be really fun to give them a message they just can’t ignore? With shop fronts, you already know how to do the trick. So turn heads with your interesting display and ensure the maximum sale. At ADV, we can offer a multitude of ideas and suggestions to catch the viewer’s attention using the perfect crystal clear windows which let them see the un-ignorable aspect of your outlet.

1. Put your products on display

Yes, we are talking about putting the actual products on display. Whether it is a pudding or clothing you specialize in, it is a good idea to display it in the shopfronts.

2. Try a sampling of your products

You can get the customers to try out the sample of your products. The sampling will definitely ensure that the customers come back for more.

3. Go for customized messages

Take the services of a professional glazier to carve an eye-catching message across the window. It could relate to your products or services in an impressive way. It will cast quite an influence if you can get it hand painted.

4. Go for something unique

You can get the extracts from fairy tale stories or photographs which tell the viewers a story on its own. Even aspirational messages will do the magic. You just have to draw the attention of the people!

5. Go for the real thing

Instead of planting cardboard figures, present some live models for a festive event or promotion of new products. It could turn out to be a very effective marketing tool.

6. Make them laugh

Make them laugh with your funny punch lines and humorous one-liners. These tools will make your shop irresistible to the customers. But be careful if your window is cracked. Get it repaired as soon as it is possible, to avoid any mishap.

8. Frame it!

The right frame can make your shop stand out. Invest in a plain frame with a stunning presence. The rest will be history.

9. Appeal to the senses

Mesmerize the senses using good quality display. For this, you will need lighting projections and perfect display. You can add some music or audio effects as well.

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