Maintenance And Repair Regulations Of Roller Shutters

Maintenance And Repair Regulations Of Roller Shutters


    The roller shutters have been a prime choice of every business owner for some time now because of their security features, economic costs, as well as their easy maintenance. Their easy maintenance makes the business owners neglect their maintenance or take a casual approach towards their maintenance which can invite unwanted troubles and hazards to the business premises, operations, and employees. That is why some safety measures have been devised.

    What Is The Need For Maintenance?

    Roller shutters are also a type of machine and just like any other machine; they are prone to get damaged with regular use and wear and tear. Any damage to the roller shutters can pose a serious risk to the lives of employees, clients, as well as owners. Thus, there is a need for maintaining them and this can be done by their service and maintenance. The laws have been devised in this regard to ensure the maintenance of doors is done appropriately without leaving any chance for loopholes.

    Legislature for Maintenance

    1. Regulation 5 of the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992: this law states for efficient maintenance of roller shutters and having an appropriate system for the same. This further highlights that the equipment which is particularly more dangerous should be checked frequently by inspection, lubrication, repair, and cleaning.The frequency of the checking of the roller door is not specified and this is done as per the type of roller shutter and its usage. This can be better known from the supplier from whom the shutter is bought explaining him the type of business operation and the use of the door.
      • Responding to Faults: the faults which are endangering should be corrected immediately though they may not be identified very soon. As soon as they are discovered, the door should be disassembled and the required repairs should be made. If the fault is not life-endangering and not of a destructive nature, the security shutter may not be disconnected and the required repairs can be made with the help of required professional.
    • Regulation 5 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER): this provision lays responsibilities on the people engaged with the door or all those who come in contact with doors and include employees, owners, and users of power doors. They are specifically made to ensure that the roller shutters do not wither out so much so that they endanger the lives of people. This holds a person-in-charge accountable for taking absolute responsibility about getting the doors inspected, repaired, managed, and maintained.

    This also focuses on the maintenance of a log book if need be. The logbook should contain

    • Time and date of inspection/maintenance
    • Details of work carried out if any
    • Outcomes of inspection
    • Description of the additions, replacements or upgrades done to the door
    • Type of fault
    • Signature and information of the person-in-charge for carrying out the inspection/repair.

    All in all, roller shutters are the doors that are used extensively in every business premise and serve various useful purposes to the business. However, keeping their credibility lies in the hand of business owners and employees with accurate maintenance and following the legislation for the same.

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