Know Why Curtain Walling System Is Necessary For Your Business

Know Why Curtain Walling System Is Necessary For Your Business


    Thinking of fortifying your premises without compromising on the looks? We have got just the right solution for you. The easiest and the most obvious choice is opting for curtain walling. If you are not aware of the miraculous architectural solution to the security concerns of the modern times, you are at the right place.Surf right through our website and you will be an expert in curtain walling concepts by the time you end reading it. So accompany us on the tour which takes you through every aspect of curtain walling.

    Take a look around and you will find them literally everywhere. They have become a common feature of shops and malls. Business showrooms and retail outlets also indulge their customers with breathtaking shopfronts. A curtain wall is defined as the external non-structural covering of a building which is designed with security in mind. They are  also instrumental for keeping the building safe from the harmful natural elements.What sets curtain walls apart is the fact that they support only their own weight. Nevertheless, they are a significant addition to the building for its security.

    Advantages A Curtain Walling-

    1. Ease of installation-Be ready for some lightweight and easy installation as curtain wall is made of a light material. The installation is, therefore, an easy process.
    2. Light on the pocket-Considering that it is lightweight, it doesn’t incur great expenditure.So you can be assured of not bearing too high an expense.
    3. Reduced Electricity Bills – The glass is used within the curtain walls, thus there is enhanced insulation. Natural light will stream in and you won’t be needing artificial lights to light up your building. Of course, this feature will help you in reducing your monthly electricity bills.
    4. Resistance to natural elements-Horizontal wind load is transferred to the main building structure. Curtain walls are designed to counter swaying due to the wind, infiltration of water and air and seismic forces acting on the structure of the building.

    How Are Curtain Walls Made?

    As the curtain walls are required to be lightweight, they must be made out of lightweight material. Aluminum is one such material which offers sturdy support besides being lightweight. It also bears the advantage of being cost effective as it is readily available at reasonable prices.

    As compared to steel, it offers the same strength but at a much cheaper cost.

    Another feather in the cap, if we are talking about aluminum, is the fact that it is a metal which causes less harm to the environment. So become an environmentally conscious and globally responsible citizen by lowering your carbon footprint by using aluminum.It can be easily recycled and reused in the form of your choice.

    Another advantage that aluminum offers is easy maintenance.The metal is cent percent resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear and deformation. It is free from twisting issues as well. It is an ideal choice for incorporating large chunks of glass in the building.

    Another point worth mentioning is the thermal efficiency. It is known for its good insulation qualities.

    Of course, security is definitely the most sought-after quality when we are talking about such matters. That is also offered by aluminum in abundance.

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