Is UPVC superior to Aluminum And Wood?

Is UPVC superior to Aluminum And Wood?


    Doors and windows are a common feature of every building. People often tend to overlook the material used in them. But the material holds a lot of importance as far as doors and windows are concerned. Many people have been using wood for the purpose since the old times. But this trend was revolutionized by the use of PVC and uPVC in the past decades. The scales have once again swung in the favor of wood in the modern times. Some more materials are in use for doors and windows. Aluminum has also carved a niche for itself in the list of such materials. Aluminum Windows can be frequently seen if we look around. At ADV, we offer the best material for your doors and windows.So call us up and use the best possible material for your doors and windows.

    Let’s Have a look at three different material widely used for doors and windows:

    • Wood

    It goes without saying that nothing else can grant us the classic vintage look like wood can. It was absent from the modern construction scene for a few years as people wanted to move to something more maintenance free.PVC products thus ruled the scene for a few decades. But it seems, people have taken a turn around and the good old wood is the hot favorite again. Wood is certainly a good choice, it lasts for years if taken care of. It lends a nice warm look to the house. The problem lies in its maintenance.It requires a lot of attention as it is prone to rotting, wear and tear and cracking. It also needs regular repainting

    • Aluminum

    It’s the latest material to be hailed as the wonderful addition to your doors and windows. It can be used for doors, windows, and other frames. They offer a multitude of advantages along with being the perfect material for safety. It will be significantly lowering your electricity bills by a phenomenal amount as it has excellent insulation skills. It reduces heat loss and heat gain by approximately 60 %. They are a perfect choice for insulation but if you view it from the financial angle, they are reasonably priced too. They are literally maintenance free and tend to last for years. Talk about getting protection from the various Aluminum PVC and UPV Cather conditions and you will find the aluminum top the charts in this aspect too.

    • PVC and UPVC

    They are a cost effective and energy efficient option. They are available in unlimited shapes,sizes, and colors. They offer qualities of durability and being maintenance free. They are cent percent recyclable.

    How Should You Choose?

    Consider your choice from all the angles-cost, aesthetic contribution and time frame. The choice you make should be well within your budget, last longer and complement the building with their looks.

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