Is it needed to secure curtain walling with design?

Is it needed to secure curtain walling with design?


    Curtain walling system is a modern and innovative way to protect the building. Moreover, it also improves the aesthetics of the building. Well, one of the principles is Secured by design which is for safety. But is it linked with curtain walling, read the given topic to know more about this.

    Security is the most important concern for any business. There is no doubt, opting for the options which will make the premises secure is important. Well, there is a need for a certain standard by the Building Regulations 2010.

    Meeting the safety regulations is very important but what about the option of curtain walling. In modern times, the installation of curtain walls is becoming very popular. But, is it possible to get the curtain walling London secured with design?

    In short, the answer is no. Let’s read more about this.

    What is secured by design?

    • Secured by design in supporting the principle of “Designing out crime” by using the safety measures and crime prevention methods. This scheme is followed by the construction industry along with house owners. Moreover, the pressure is more on the insurance companies to use the method of SBD products.
    • To get the approval of the SBD, the door or window manufacturer should have their products. They can also have the products which are made according to the SBD standards.
    • Once the testing part is done, the window manufacturer can approach the SBD license and on their website, the relevant products should be listed.

    SBD and Curtain Walling

    • In technical terms, the curtain walling system does not come under SBD. Currently, the focus is on securing the doors sets and windows. However, the test needed for SBD can be used with curtain walling.
    • For the security performance of the door and window, the Publicly Available Specification 24 (PAS 24) is used. While going through testing various factors need to be kept in mind to check how they respond to the unauthorized or forced entry.
    • Even though the standards of SBD do not cover its requirements, it still is can be used for that system.
    • The PAS 24 is SBD-approval standard and this is not the only product that comes under the scheme.

    Additional Requirements

    It might be possible in the future some changes are made. Till then the ideal choice is to opt for high-security shop fronts which can make the entire place safe and secure.

    Contact the professionals

    To know more about SBD you should contact our team of professionals. They will let you know about the installation of a curtain wall and what you can opt for to increase the security of your place.

    Our experts will guide you properly and make sure you get the best quality product.

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