How to choose the best shutter for your home?

How to choose the best shutter for your home?


    We all know that window shutters have existed ever since the windows have been there. While early roller shutters were manufactured to cover an opening in the wall, the shutters in the later times are being used for a variety of purposes. While those primitive shutters were used for protecting the house from the weather, animals, and thieves, the current shutters offer a multitude of advantages over them. In this post, we would like to throw light on the various aspects of rolling shutters.

    Shutter size and placement

    Of course, you will have to have enough space for placing your shutters. You will also have to be careful that the shutters are not too close to a window. One also must ensure that there is at least a space of at least half the width of one shutter between two adjacent windows. The size of the shutter should be following the size of the window. The width of the shutters should be half the width of the window and be the same height as the window. Multiple shutters may be used within a single building. A small window should usually have only one shutter.

    Shutter hardware

    Shutter hardware is widely and easily available.  Shutter hinges give the flexibility to the shutters to swing. They also enable the shutters to come in a variety of sizes. Shutter dogs are provided for holding the shutter against the wall when it is open. They’re available in decorative designs compatible with different architectural styles.

    Shutter style

    Different Shopfront Roller shutter styles are available for evolved different climates. While hot and humid climates require a louvered shutter, solid panels are best for the cold climate. Louvered shutters maintain the ventilation while keeping the warmth out. Colder climates are better with panelled shutters which can resist winter winds, ice, and snow.While homes in urban areas require crafted panels, rural areas prefer simply-constructed board shutters.

    Shutter materials

    Wood shutters look authentic and classic. However, they are not able to bear the rough weather. Real wood shutters often need frequent repainting and high maintenance.

    Vinyl shutters need low maintenance and shutter reapair in comparison to wooden shutters. However, they should be chosen carefully as the quality of these units varies. Good quality vinyl shutters stick to their shape and color for a longer period.

    Composite shutters are both authentic and durable. Composite materials offer an excellent combination of engineered wood, PVC and fiberglass.

    Shutter colors

    A typical home color has two or three colors with the shutters painted to  accentuate the color. It is usually in the same color scheme but a shade or two darker than the siding or trim.

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