How Shutters Are Better Than Window Curtains For Home

How Shutters Are Better Than Window Curtains For Home


    Millions of people across the world prefer shutters to curtains. If you are not one of them,then you might as well learn a few advantages about the shutters. Domestic shutters present a lot of advantages over curtains. Let us have a look at them-

    1. Let in as much heat and sunlight you want

    The shutters will allow you to literally control the amount of heat and light that can enter your home. Open them when you want the sunlight in and close them when you don’t want it. You also have the provision of opening them partially. It is a blessing during the summer season when you would like minimum sunlight to enter your home

    2. Fading? Forget it

    Shutters are an addition to the house which will last for years. With the constant exposure to the natural elements, you must be thinking that the bright color will fade in no time. But that’s exactly the opposite of what will happen. They will refuse to fade with time, as curtains do.

    3. Safe and sound

    When it comes to safety, the shutters are a safer option. As they don’t have any strings which could prove to be a potential hazard to your kids or pets, they are much more child-friendly. It is a good idea to install shutters instead of curtains in the kid’s playroom.

    4. Doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket

    Shutters are any day more cost-effective than curtains. With shutters , you will have the perfect insulation during the summer and winter seasons. Due to this reason, the heating and cooling facilities will not be used very often. With the durability being another sterling quality of the shutters, they will score far above curtains in the long run.

    4. A durable option

    They are definitely going to last longer than curtains. While curtains may be more vulnerable to wear and tear, the shutters boast of high durability due to the metallic body. The metallic component makes them less vulnerable to wear and tear. They tend to last longer and figure as the perfect long term security solution for many people.

    Shutters and you

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