How laminated and toughened safety glass are different from each other?

How laminated and toughened safety glass are different from each other?


    If you are looking to revamp up your place and wondering what is the best glass choice to go for? In this blog, we are going to explain to you the difference between laminated and toughened safety glass. Just make sure that you get professional assistance to get yourself the best choice and this way your place will be completely transformed. Let’s understand in detail how laminated and toughened safety glass are different from each other & which option will be best for your Aluminium Shopfronts.

    What is laminated glass?

    Laminated glass and ordinary glass strength are the same. But, with the former one there 2 glass pieces, and in between there comes the plastic layer. The interlayer is the reason which is going to hold the glass in its place and there will be not any hole in the window. So, it means the intruder will not be able to enter your premises and you will be safe & secure. This glass is also installed in the shop fronts and windscreens. This is the reason, in most of the Shopfronts in London, laminated glass is the preferred choice.

    What is toughened glass?

    Toughened glass strength is 5 times stronger as compared to ordinary glass. It means that even if sometimes try to break it your place will be secure. WHY? This is because it will be broken into smaller pieces which will not pose any danger to the people on your premises. This glass installation can be done on phone boxes and bus stops.

    What is the standard annealed glass?

    The installation of this glass is used for all the possible options. To be specific, it is suggested where safety glazing is not needed. If you have this installed on your premises then the burglar is not even going to try to enter your premises even by any mistake. So, going for this option is like you are investing your money correctly.

    Why do you have to know about the different glass types?

    With the increased attempt in burglary and people trying to enter the place forcefully, there is a need for something effective option. Laminated glass is required where safety glass is required for the ground floor. If your premises have a standard glass then it is going to be very easy for the intruder to come inside as they only have to make one bang, no continuous noise, no picking locks, and there are no sharp jagged edges.

    Get the professional assistance

    If you want to get your place the best kind of laminated glass with the glazing system, then going for professional assistance is the right choice. Having the professional by your side will uplift the entire place and the investment you are going to make will be worth every sense.

    You can ask for the quote and accordingly get started with the entire process. Choosing the best option is extremely important and make sure you never compromise in terms of the quality. For further detail, you can get in touch with our team and they will let you know in detail regarding the entire process.

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