Frameless Doors In Central London | Frameless Shopfronts Installation in Central London

Frameless Doors In Central London | Frameless Shopfronts Installation in Central London


    Why Is Glass The New Tough Material ?

    Glass has a class of its own. It is sought after by the commercial property owners and homeowners alike. Of course, they come with a package full of advantage,then why shouldn’t they?They are an essential part of doors, partitions , windows, wall hangings and even walls these days. Glass can lighten up the whole ambiance,given its transparent appearance and the feature of letting in the light. Frameless Shopfronts are also coming up which use toughened glass in their front doors. At ADV, frameless shopfronts installation is more of a routine job. So if you are looking for frameless shopfronts in Central London, just look up our details and get in touch. With our installation, you will add a touch of class to your frameless doors. But one has to be careful about being able to distinguish between the fragile and the not so fragile kinds. Get the glass which suits best to your requirement.The delicate form can be used to lend aesthetics and glamour but not security. On the other hand, toughened glass is ideal for places where security is the main concern.

    Know your glass

    Heres a guide to the various kinds of glasses available-

    Standard Glass

    It is manufactured in the least time and it is very easy to reshape, cut and polish it. It is an option that can be easily reworked. It is a favourite among the homeowner but there is a flip side to it-it can be broken easily. Once shattered, it disintegrates into many small pieces which are hazardous for the kids and pets in the house.

    Safety Glass

    It is tougher than standard glass. It comes in two varieties-Laminated and Toughened. The Laminated version is made of two panes of glass which have been fixed together with an intermediate layer of a laminate between them.Even if the glass breaks, the panes stick together and the glass doesn’t shatter into pieces. Instead, it gives the spider web effect.It is used extensively in the shopfronts. The toughened version is exposed to very high and very low temperatures one after the other during their manufacturing process. The process makes it the toughest variety of glass around. When shattered, it disintegrates into small cubic pieces which are least likely to be hazardous.

    At ADV, we offer emergency glass repair wherein our team will fix your glass as soon as possible.

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