Find Out If You Need Permission To Install Roller Shutters

Find Out If You Need Permission To Install Roller Shutters


    Installing roller shutters inside your premises can make a huge change for your business. It will improve the security of your business by providing an additional layer of security inside the premises. But you might not be clear whether or not you are able to install them. There are some rules and regulations which you have to follow in order to get them installed.

    Planning permission

    Planning permission is a major concern that needs to be investigated on time and properly. Customers are always asking the suppliers whether they need permission or not for installing the shutters. But, the answer is not so simple in terms of yes or no.

    • One of the consideration is where the premises is located. It is because aesthetics are an important aspect of this decision. However, the properties which are located in an industrial park are not a major consideration in this aspect. But it will be important for buildings which are located on a high street.
    • If you don’t want your permission to be denied then look for a supplier who can fit unobtrusive security shutters. On the other hand, internal roller shutters are always exempted from this, as they do not impact the building aesthetics when they are installed.
    • Next, the quality of the shutter is an important consideration. The shutters should be efficient and they should serve the purpose of security. The local councils want to be sure that the property where it is going to be installed should be adequately protected. For this, you should choose a certified source shutter which will guarantee a certain level of protection and defense.
    • Another consideration which is equally important is whether or not the property is a listed building. It is because it is very difficult to demolish the listed building as some history associated with it. In this case, you have to contact the relevant authorities before changing or modifying anything inside or outside the building. No doubt, getting permission is very difficult as compared to local buildings. But that also doesn’t mean your application will be denied.
    • If you want to get external grills or shutters installed, then planning permission is required. On the other hand, if you want to install internal shutters then permission is not required. However, the owner has to get permission if the installation is done on the listed property. The concern is that it should affect the appearance of the building.

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