Don’t DIY, Just Call The Experts For Security Shutter Service

Don’t DIY, Just Call The Experts For Security Shutter Service


It is very common to see people going for a DIY job rather than contacting the service professionals. Many feel that they know the ins and outs of a repair work and repairing things will be child’s play for them. Some people have the feeling that they are as good as an expert and it’s a complete waste of resources to call one. Well, with so many DIY shows around, it is probably something taken for granted that one has all the technical know-how of doing a repair job. One could feel the same about roller shutters as well. People have started taking up the repair of Security Shutters as DIY projects. But one needs to tread carefully when it comes to such specialized jobs.

DIY Can Be Fatal

While repairing small screws and hinges aren’t really challenging,handling shutters at a novice level can wreak havoc with your safety, health, and finances if you are not careful. There have many incidents where the person was injured due to some DIY job. It could result in cuts and fall from a height. It could prove the end of your eyesight if you get dirt and splinters in your eyes. It could also lead to overexertion or even death in case of extreme injury.

Common Accidents During A DIY Job

One needs to be careful of the following injuries that might come our way if we take up a DIY job concerning the shutters-

When you try to poke your finger around the wrong edges , you could end up with deep cuts

You stand a high chance of falling from the step ladder.About 50 -70 deaths occur due to falling from stepladders.

There are high chances of electrocution when you are trying to fix the electrical, which people often find tempting to take up.

So are we telling you to completely stop looking at your shutters for any problems? Definitely not, we are just letting you know when and how to call the experts.

A roller shutter needs regular servicing. You may not have any problems for 5 years after installation. If the shutter has been around for a long time then their servicing schedule depends on their usage. If they are used for 12 times a day, an annual service will be fine. But if the shutters are used for up to 40 times a day, then the service should be done quarterly. If the shutter is jammed or stuck, it is not a DIY sort of job. Call the professionals immediately as any wrong move could be hazardous to your safety. ADV offers full support to customers for servicing and maintenance.

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